Paternity DNA Testing

The latest in DNA technology delivers a result which is up to 99.99% accurate.

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ISO 17025 Accredited Laboratory

Which has processed in excess of 300,000 samples, delivers your result in 8-10 working days.

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Eliminate The Stress

Stop wondering if you're the father, and know for sure.

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Paternity Test

Beats a visual test every time!

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Gender Prediction

Outline of your options if you want to find out the gender of your baby, including a test that is 99.99% accurate available from 9 weeks of pregnancy.

Legal Test

All the information you should know if you need to carry out a paternity test that is admissible in court.

Prenatal Test

Eliminate the uncertainty and carry out a safe and non-invasive prenatal paternity test, using only maternal blood.

Paternity Test

What does a paternity test result look like, and what does it all mean?

This information site, provides all the facts you need to know before you carry out a paternity test.