• Rick Ross: The Paternity Test Results

    Posted on April 12, 2013 by in Uncategorized

    rick ross paternityFounder of record label Maybach Music Group and named as the hottest MC in the game, rapper Rick Ross was recently under fire for allegations that he was the father of a child that he never paid any child support for. Georgia based woman, Tyrisha Childers, claimed that Ross had sex with her, got her pregnant and never offered any form of child support. Ross made it clear that not only was he not the father of this child but he had never even been romantically involved with this woman.

    DNA paternity testing was done to confirm whether or not Ross was the father. The results of father- child DNA analysis showed that Ross was in fact not the father. Childers dropped all paternity claims. It was later found that she only collects disability allowance and is, for all intents and purposes, broke. Many believe that is why she went to such extreme lengths in order to target Ross as the father. She also waited three years before accusing Ross of being the kids’ biological father. Sources say that Childers is still searching for the father to her child.

    This is not the first story of a rapper being falsely accused of getting a woman pregnant. Rapper DMX is accused of owing over one million dollars in back child support to his ex, Patricia Trejo. DMX claims that the reason he owes that much money is because he is not convinced that the child is even his and will not therefore, make any payments. Rapper Ne-Yo also found himself in an unfortunate situation when a paternity test came back stating that he was not the father of the child he raised as his son. Ne-Yo wanted to remain a part of the boy’s life and after the break up the mother filed for child support. There was a large settlement made out of court. Other celebrity DNA testing cases involves Kloe Kardashian and Tom Cruise.

    While Rick Ross may have been nothing more than a target from a struggling woman who saw a quick way to get some extra cash, there are many legitimate claims of famous men who have impregnated women and never supported them financially or emotional. Unfortunately the saying “More money more problems” holds true in these situations. Not only were the accusations that Childers made false but they could have ruined Ross’s reputation. It seems to be just another story of a groupie who is looking for a free ride.

    True to form, Ross did not let any of this drama get in the way of doing what he does best. Knowing that the accusations were false, Ross continued business as usual working on the release of his fifth album “God Forgives, I Don’t,” which sold 218,000 copies in its first week. Ross is a great example of someone who has the ability to stay focused on his career despite the rumours and negativity that are surrounding him. This is also a prime example of why it is important to “wrap it up”. We all know that it gets lonely on the road as a super star and a little affection never hurt anyone but there is nothing worse than putting your reputation on the line for a simple one night stand.