• Tom Cruise’s Paternity – What’s the Deal?

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    Tom Cruise

    Tom Cruise may take Paternity test

    The allegations surrounding Tom Cruise and ex-wife Kate Holmes were running rampant after their divorce. Friends of Katie claimed that she had become withdrawn and almost brainwashed adding that Tom’s religion, Scientology, was perhaps to blame. Stories surfaced accusing Tom of mentally and emotionally abusing Katie and locking daughter Suri in a small room for prolonged periods of time as punishment. As if that was not enough, there are now accusations flying around indicating that Tom may not be the biological father of Suri.

    Tom is said to be nervous that one day his daughter may ask for a paternity test and that he may not like the results. With the rumor mill is still alive and buzzing there is no doubt that six year old Suri may one day get wind of it and want proof for herself. Tom is not happy about The National Enquirer running this story along with the accusations of abuse. Friends close to him state that he is an amazing father and loves Suri with all of his heart. They claim that he would never do anything to hurt her and wanted to fast track the divorce simply to ensure that he would never have a problem being a part of Suri’s life.

    The Tom Cruise paternity case debate rages on, with many questioning who the potential fathers may be. There are many speculations out there one of which is Katie’s ex fiancé Chris Klein. Sources claim that Katie is back in touch with Chris since the divorce and that while not confirmed, they are close to getting back together.

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    Other sources are claiming that Katie had a fling with Dawson’s Creek co-star Joshua Jackson around the time that she met Tom and that she was already pregnant when her and Cruise met and ultimately wed. Josh Hartnett is also another possible father. The most extreme rumour is that deceased Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard is the father and that Katie was artificially inseminated with his sperm.

    Reasons for these allegations did not just come out of the blue. Many are speculating that because Tom and ex-wife Nicole Kidman adopted there a chance that Tom could be a infertile man. There is also the fact that Tom did not let the public see Suri for the first three months of her life. The rumors that Tom is homosexual have not quieted either which adds fuel to the “Who’s the babies daddy” fire and is beginning to make many people wonder if the whole marriage was a scam.

    Currently Katie has primary custody of Suri and there has also been a ban put on Tom discussing anything that is Scientology related with his daughter. Many believe that Tom will not just sit back and let Katie win. Some fear that he may do something extreme to get his daughter back and raise her as he wishes. The answer to the Tom Cruise paternity case may never be uncovered but for now Tom is doing everything in his power to ensure The National Enquirer pays for their allegations and accusations against him and his family.